Welcome to Real Nature Sounds

Nature Sound Recordings, Perfect for Relaxation, Reflection and Meditation

As a sound engineer of some years, I have become sonically aware of many of the beautiful places that I have visited. Although one forest may sound similar to another, every location has its unique ambience and natural performance of sound. Every place in nature has its unique characteristics, whether it be a particular population of birds, insects, frogs, whatever the variance, the sound is always unique and alters slightly every second of the day.

Through Real Nature Sounds, I intend to capture the sound from a number of outdoor locations and to record long versions of each so that the natural ambience can be enjoyed over and over again for relaxation, meditation and contemplation.

I am trying to avoid extensive editing of each sound choosing to leave in as much natural sound as possible. I will only edit where there is no alternative but to do so. There will not be short sampled loops to save recording time or to try and fool the listener; all recordings will have large sections of live nature recorded to the highest standards.

About the Author

This website is solely my creation and progress will be gradual as I visit new locations. I am a keen outdoor enthusiast, and enjoy camping and walking, which gives me the perfect opportunity to record real natural nature sounds.

I am happy to hear feedback and welcome suggestions for new nature recordings.

The premise for all of the recordings is that they are predominantly natural, however, I may take license to stray from that when appropriate.

Enjoy the site!

All the Best
Lee Pritchard 🙂